My son, Peter, plays on Cornell’s football team and struggles with back and hamstring injuries. Peter was sent to Rick this summer to learn proper weight lifting techniques to prevent injuries and improve his strength and conditioning. After years of taking Peter to trainers recommended by coaches, we finally found someone who had an immediate, positive impact. Rick is amazing. He is the perfect trifecta for all athletes – a physical therapist, an athletic trainer and a great human being who inspires and supports his clients. Peter showed up to pre-season injury free and in incredible shape for football. He was one of the players who passed a very difficult conditioning test. Thank you Rick!
My advice: Spending money on trainers who do not have the credentials to teach proper weight lifting techniques is like spending money towards a future injury. And, please investigate who is training athletes in high school weight rooms! Parents – you have options, be smart and keep your athlete safe.
–Andrea McDonough
CTI Life Coach
Raising a Smarter, Stronger, Safer High School Athlete

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