Performance Therapy – “Beyond Personal Training”

  • Optimizing Physical Performance
  • Minimizing Risk of Injury
  • Maximizing Physical Potential

Performance Therapy is a Physical Therapy based method of Personal Training that integrates injury prevention with personal training, administered by a Physical Therapist. Applying the medical knowledge used to rehabilitate sports injuries, combined with a unique perspective of biomechanics sets Performance Therapy apart from other personal training programs. Our injury prevention knowledge and attention to detail is unparalleled in the fitness community as is our dedication to your health and fitness.

1-Performance therConcept:

Rick Stebbins PT, CSCS, USAW combines over 25 years of experience as a Physical therapist and Strength/Conditioning expert to bridge the gap between medicine and personal training to create a new method of training called “Performance Therapy”. This unique method is designed to optimize your performance while reducing the risk of injury. Your body is similar to a complex jigsaw puzzle. All parts must be integrated with precision so that your body runs efficiently and safely. Performance Therapy uses a 3 tier system (Evaluate, Prevent, and Perform) to customize your program for your bodies’ unique structure.



The first step is the ArthrometRX evaluation. This detailed assessment detects imbalances through extensive hands-on and movement tests including video and force plate analysis. There are 3 areas of focus:

  • Joint Range of Motion
  • Muscle Length/Strength
  • Movement Patterns/Coordination

Custom Biomechanical Orthotics can be fabricated if an imbalance is detected stemming from improper foot positioning, found during the ArthrometRX evaluation.



ArthrometRX Exercise Program:

Imbalances found in your body through the ArthrometRX evaluation are then addressed using specific hands-on soft tissue and joint techniques as well as corrective exercises. Here we integrate all the pieces of your bodies’ puzzle to create a well-balanced physical foundation on which to safely begin exercising. Emphasizing injury prevention, this exercise program will help in reducing potential arthritic wear and tear to your joints to improve your Orthopedic Longevity.


Performance Program:

Once a strong, balanced foundation has been created, an individualized performance program is generated for you, tailored to your personal fitness and sports goal using the latest medical research, exercise science, and state-of-the-art equipment. During your 1 hour one-on-one session emphasis is placed on these 5 areas. The time spent on each of these areas during your session will vary on your individual needs and may shift as your training progresses

  • ArthrometRX Exercises/ Injury Prevention
  • Sport Specific Drills/ Functional Movement
  • Speed/ Agility
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Athletic Power Development

Rates: 1 hour – One-on-one sessions by appointment only

Rick Stebbins PT, CSCS, USAW $175.00 plus tax per session
Glenn Patrick PT $150.00 plus tax per session