Stay in The Game Program

The key to helping you stay active longer is joint health. When joints themselves become restricted, they tend to wear faster due to the improper movement patterns this creates. This in turn causes an in increase in the pressure on the joint surfaces as well as a decrease in the creation of the joint lubricating fluid, called synovial fluid. Joints become painful and swollen thus starting the arthritic process from which there is no turning back. Once you have worn it away it doesn’t rebuild itself. Our program is unique in that we detect these joint restrictions and help to correct them before they cause arthritis. Through a series of hands on joint stretching techniques and corrective exercises (ArhrometRX – Link to arthrometrx section of performance therapy serves tab) we help to get your joints moving more freely so they have less pressure and more lubrication fluid. This helps improve your joint health so you continue to enjoy your activities, sports and life.

This center was created to help you stay active longer by focusing on improving your joint health by detecting joint imbalances and correcting them before they become arthritic, or slow the progression of an already arthritic joint.

Services include:

  • Full Body Joint Evaluation
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Joint Mobility Techniques
  • Hands-on Soft Tissue Stretching
  • Corrective Exercises (ArthrometRX)
  • 1 Hour One-on-one Sessions Administered by a Physical Therapist

Rates: 1 hour sessions by appointment only

Rick Stebbins PT, CSCS, USAW $175.00 plus tax per session
Glenn Patrick PT $150.00 plus tax per session

Letter of Recommendation

I began working with Rick about a year ago, and I have to say that my results have been miraculous.

I had been suffering from periodic bouts of lower back pains for over 25 years. I also had sciatica which would always flare up within ½ hour of sitting or driving. Long car trips were agony.

These bouts became progressively more painful, crippling and long lasting. The pain would only subside with weeks of chiropractic manipulation and continual icing.

My last bout did not subside for months, and my awkward bent over walking caused a very painful right knee. I went to my internist who, after ordering and reading an x-ray, prescribed PT.

I began seeing Rick, who was able to identify the source of my problems and has worked with me to effectively eliminate my back and knee pain. I have not had a flare up since. If I ever wake up with a little back discomfort (which would have previously led to major pain) I do 15 minutes of stretches and exercises that Rick prescribed, and I start my day pain free.

My sciatica is gone and I can now take long car rides pain free.

An extra added bonus is that my posture is 100% better!

He is a miracle worker.

Peter Hamilton